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Barbering Schools. If you want to become a barber, finding a barbering college is the first step. Barber’s are similar to other hair dressers but their studies and jobs are more tailored towards men and shorter hair cuts.

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Cosmetology Schools. Cosmetology is a career with a focus on beauty. Cosmetology is for those with a passion for art and creativity and want to help their clients to feel beautiful and confident. Student in cosmetology school will learn about four basic elements of beauty: Hair, makeup, nails, and skin.

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Electrolysis Schools. Electrology is a form of skin care that focuses on permanent removal of unwanted hair using electrolysis. Electrolysis is basically the process of laser hair removal. Electrology students learn how to operate machinery safely and effectively to give their clients the desired results.

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Esthetics and Skin Care Schools. Esthetics is all about helping clients improve and perfect their skin. Some of the treatments an esthetician may provide includes hair removal, facials, waxing, and exfoliation.

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Fashion Design Schools. Fashion Designing is the perfect career for anyone who is creative, artistic, stylish and has a passion for fashion. Fashion designers creatively design clothing, shoes, and accessories that keep up with current trends. They sketch out different ideas for fashionable clothing and then get their chance to turn it into a reality.

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Hair Styling and Design Schools. Hair stylists focus on cutting, coloring, and styling hair as well as different hair treatments like perms and highlights. Hair styling programs can be on their own or combined with cosmetology. If you want to focus only on hair and don’t care much for makeup or nails, then a hair styling and design school is right for you.

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Makeup Artist Schools. If you are an artist when it comes to makeup, a makeup artist school is where you are meant to be. When choosing what makeup school you want to go to, consider what type of makeup artistry you want to go into. Do you want to help individuals, work in fashion, or prepare stars for films?

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Massage Therapy Schools. The job of a massage therapist is to provide pain relief, relaxation, and reduce stress in the client by using massage techniques. Massage therapists can work in a number of places including hospitals, private homes, offices, and even shopping centers and malls.

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Nail Technician Schools. Nail technicians focus on nail care and design. This is a great career for creative individuals with a passion for beauty. At a nail technician school, you will typically learn how to do manicures and pedicures, shape nails, groom cuticles, apply acrylics and fake nails, and do nail design and nail art. They will also include a segment on sanitation, safety, and regulations.

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Permanent Makeup Schools. Permanent Makeup is a fairly new and growing business. Permanent makeup artists are also known as tattoo makeup artists. They have the ability to cover up flaws like scars and burns as well as enhance positive features with permanent makeup that doesn’t need to be applied daily, making the clients life easier and saving them money on expensive cosmetics.

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