What Will I Learn If I Attend Beauty And Cosmetology School?

What Will I Learn If I Attend Beauty And Cosmetology School?

If you make a life choice to learn cosmetology and go to school for training, there are many things that you can expect to learn. If you go to beauty school or a cosmetology school, they each will usually teach some of the same things, but cosmetology school will teach you more. In beauty school, you may learn more about makeup and making one look good, and in cosmetology school you’ll learn all the different forms of cosmetology including hair, nails, makeup, skincare, and Electrology. Cosmetology school also has courses to teach you how to own your own salon, whereas beauty school may not.

Either way, whichever school you choose will be up to you; it ultimately depends on what you’d like to learn. If you’ve made up your mind what skills, you would like to become a professional in, then you can begin your courses. If you choose to learn about hair, there are many types of training that you have to do. Because hair can be cut, colored, permed, chemically treated and so much more, there is a lot to learn before you can become a professional. You must first learn about different chemicals that go into hair.

If you don’t learn what chemicals may be harmful to certain people’s hair or head, you may make a mistake and harm someone, and become the subject of a lawsuit. In the school, you’ll learn what types of chemicals you can mix for hair, and what you can’t. You’ll learn how to color treat someone’s hair, and the proper ways to apply the colors. Also expect to learn different ways to style hair, as well as cutting, extensions, weaves and more. Depending on the school you go to, they may get more in-depth into certain parts of hair training, than others.

If you prefer to work in makeup, you can also learn this in beauty school. Makeup involves the skin, and you’ll learn what types of makeup are good for certain skin tones, and what makeups some people may be allergic to, as opposed to others. You can learn what colors and shades go together, and help to make your client look beautiful. For those who prefer to learn about skin treatments, such as those that are at a spa, you can also take courses on this. You’ll learn how to put certain treatments on the skin; making it healthier and more youthful looking, overall.

If you prefer to do nails, you can also learn this in school. You can do manicures and pedicures, which are the cutting, shaping, and overall care of nails, and the hands and feet. Another course you may take is on Electrology. An electrologist will learn to remove hair from the human body; this hair is unwanted hair from places such as the upper lip, underarm, and bikini area. Many salons will offer some or all of these services, and by going to cosmetology or beauty school, you can learn any, or all of them.