Am I Too Old to Attend Cosmetology and Beauty School?

The short answer to that question is “No”. Students in the 80’s and 90’s have been known to attend and graduate cosmetology and beauty school. Up to 75% of the students in school are recent graduates of high schools. The remaining 25% is made up of students who have chosen to change careers or those who have reentered the workplace after starting a family. The only thing these older students have to consider is whether or not they are suited for a life as a student and then as a cosmetology and beauty professional.

As a Student

Consider your willingness to learn and to accept positive criticism. Are you ready for learning in the classroom, reading textbooks, hands-on experience in a student salon and written exams? You’ll have to learn new beauty skills as well as the about the basics of running a beauty business. You’ll also learn some mandatory things in order to provide a safe environment for your clients: chemistry, human anatomy, decontamination and infection control. The business knowledge you will gain ranges from basic business set-up to how to present a professional appearance. This will be your first exposure to a lifelong dedication to learning new techniques as your field advances and new beauty concepts are made popular.

As a Professional

Consider whether or not you are in good enough physical condition. You’ll have long hours of standing if you style hair or long periods of sitting if you hold other beauty positions. Do you like people? Are you comfortable offering advice and giving your opinion without using hurtful language or suggestive terms? Are you social and can you engage in general conversation with strangers? Do you like a challenge? How well do you work under pressure? Are you creative with hair, nails or makeup? Can you respond in a non-emotional way when dealing with an irate client? If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you’re probably ready to learn in cosmetology and beauty school. After graduation, it appears you are also a good candidate for a career in the cosmetology and beauty field.

Your age is only a factor if you allow it to be. You may be uncomfortable around so many young people when you’re studying, but the right attitude is to learn from younger students who are grasping the information quickly. As an older person, offer to share with younger students who are willing to learn, the knowledge you have gained from your years of living and working in other fields. Many young people lack a basic knowledge of work standards, like arriving on time and working late to insure the job is done right. They lack a work ethic that can best be learned with experience or exposure to someone who knows.

As an older student it may be harder to develop study skills or to incorporate study with the responsibilities of your personal and work life. Your schedule may be more hectic, but it is very feasible, if you’re methodical and consistent. Anyone who has a passion for cosmetology and beauty has the capacity to attend, learn and graduate from cosmetology and beauty school if they’re willing to give it their all.

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