What Is Milady?

And the question is? What is Milady? Milady is the most advanced, comprehensive online training method for students to earn their cosmetology education. Since 1927 Milady has effectively served the beauty and health industries with the very best in training and education. Their successful training methods are second to none in the industry. Copied but never equaled. There’s only one Milady. Only one. And cosmetology students worldwide are grateful for that important fact. The latest edition of Milady Standard Cosmetology is now available, the 13th edition. Having Milady as an instructor is similar to having a teacher who’s walking you through beauty procedures in the comfort of you home. How cool is that? Milady’s noble endeavor has been and always will be to train the most competent and able beauty experts in the industry so they can have a long and successful career. In that regard Milady has succeeded greatly and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

New Features

There’s always something new and exciting when training with the Milady method. For instance, Nick Arrojo is highly regarded as one of the leaders in the beauty industry. For the benefit of students, he wrote the Standard Razor Cutting manual. In it, he instructs regarding the precise art of cutting with a razor; an art that takes a lot of skill and practice. Then there’s MindTap. There’s nothing like it. Its a comprehensive and personalized learning platform that enables students to practically apply the skills they have learned from books and other theory-based learning. It’s very interactive, and involves hands-on exercises that will sharpen the learning skills of those who apply this proven method.

Learning Direction Students Will Take

The patented Learning Path is where students will spend most of their time. Teachers can customize the material so it’s similar to the information taught in the classroom. It incorporates a variety of learning styles in order for students to learn in the method that’s most comfortable for them. It features state-required resources, lesson plans created for a specific student, a plethora of videos, and a lot more valuable information. Among the customized features are: . Moving information in the Learning Path from one area to another one to create a seamless flow of information. . Modify and include information anywhere in the Learning Path. Videos, Power Point slides, web links, and more can be uploaded. Milady’s training methods have been used by the U.S. military and by many prestigious companies. Copied but never equaled, Milady is the standard by which beauty industry students are trained. It’s an educational experience students will remember for a lifetime!