How Long is Beauty and Cosmetology Programs?

How Long is Beauty and Cosmetology Programs?

Cosmetology schools are where you go to train and become licensed in the area of your interest to become a professional cosmetologist. Beauty and cosmetology programs can vary in length depending on the program or certification that is being acquired. Each program will have its own classes, hours completed and actual testing that will all need to be done to graduate from the program and become officially licensed in that program area.

Most schools for cosmetology cover the basic beauty programs:

  • Hair Design – styles
  • Hair Cutting – lengths, blending
  • Color and Texture – color match, layering of the hair, highlights, low lights, frosting
  • Basic Skin Care – facial, skin peel, repair
  • Makeup Application – Air brush, full makeup, corrective, spot makeup

Other programs that may be available are:

  • Permanent Makeup Application – tattooing
  • Electrolysis – hair removal
  • Fashion Design – clothing, apparel
  • Massage Therapy
  • Barbering – men’s hair and facial hair

A full cosmetology license can take up to 2 years to complete (depending on whether the student enrolls as full-time or part-time) when all the areas listed above, plus other, are trained for and hours are completed. Shorter termed programs are available when training for a specific area of interest in beauty or cosmetology such as just makeup application or skin care (esthetics), nail care, or barbering school. These are only a few of the programs that are available that can be completed in less than a year in different schools.

There are many 6 month to a year programs that do concentrate on one area of beauty and cosmetology. These programs have their own hours that need to be clocked and certification exam that needs to be completed.

Each state has their own requirements and regulations for beauty and cosmetology school students. Information should be verified for each state and school before a commitment is made to help create an outline of clear requirements needed to obtain a license in the programs(s) inquired about. The licensing board of each state is who determines the amount of hours needed to be completed before the certification testing can take place. The national average is between 1500 to 2100 hours required for a full cosmetology curriculum.

After the clocked hours are completed, a state test is given before a license is issued for the completed program or programs. After the test is completed, it may take 6 – 8 weeks to receive the results and the license for beauty and/or cosmetology if the test was passed.

The first step in starting the beauty school journey is looking for a school in your area. If you do not have a local cosmetology school, look online for resources that can help you find the closest available and contact them for information on a tour. Once a tour is booked, the requirements for hours, part-time versus full-time schedules, and what is expected on a weekly basis will be provided which will help determine how long the program will be for you before you can take the certification test and become a licensed professional!