I am a foreign, are there bilingual classes in your school?

Foreign students coming to the school have a chance to get into bilingual classes that are going to allow you to learn in your native language. These classes allow you a chance to learn how the world of cosmetology works, but you will also learn in English so that you can succeed in the business world once you leave school.

The Class Structure

The structure of each class is designed to make your life easier. You will be able to learn in your own language, but you will learn English vocabulary that is going to help you get around in the business world once you get out. You will need to know English terms to work in a salon, but you will get the bulk of your information in your native language.

No Judgment

You will never be judged when you are going to the school in your native language. There are many bilingual classes that you can take, and you need to remember that many other people speak languages other than your own. You simply need to come to the school to learn how the world of cosmetology works.

Quick Learning

The cosmetology school is not going to slow you down because you are a non-native speaker. You get to learn at the same pace as everyone else, and you will learn the same material that everyone else is learning. You might not be sure what you are going to do with your education once you leave, but you will not be stuck in school because of a language barrier.

You can come to school to learn the cosmetology trade at any time, and you can fill out your application in your native language. The application just gets you into school so that you can placed in the right classes. We are dedicated to teaching you, and you simply need to be in a class where you can learn in your native language.

There is a need for people in the industry that speak any number of languages. You should not skip school because you speak a different language. You can come to classes that are made to make your life easier. You can learn all that you need to know about your new trade, but you will not spend all your time struggling against a language you do not know. You will get the education you came for in your native tongue.