What Is Cosmetology?

If you’re an adult, chances are high that you have been to a cosmetologist at one point, or another in your life. It’s even very likely that you go to a cosmetologists weekly or monthly to maintain a certain look that you have. So what is cosmetology? Cosmetology is a practice where hair, nails, makeup, and skincare and more, are all treated by a cosmetologist. If a cosmetologist specializes in all areas, they will be able to apply makeup to the client, giving them a look that they prefer. The cosmetologists will also be able to give skin care treatment, to keep the skin looking healthy and young.

Manicures and pedicures can also be done by a cosmetologist that specializes in every field of cosmetology, as well as doing hair. It’s rare that a cosmetologist will do every type of service involved in cosmetology as most cosmetologist will focus on one or two areas of cosmetology, but not specialize in all possible areas. You may find a cosmetologist that does manicures and pedicures, which is the cleaning, shaping, and painting of finger and toenails. Those who work in this field, usually specialize in it and may not do any other forms of cosmetology, on top of this profession.

Cosmetologists who specialize in makeup may only deal in the makeup profession, as this can be a specialty that they work on solely. Applying makeup is not as simple as just putting it on one’s face. A cosmetologist will learn what types of makeup can go with certain types of skin, possible allergic reactions, what colors go with certain skin tones and more. A makeup artist is also a cosmetologist, but is called an artist, because what they are doing is actually an art. It takes schooling, practice, and lots of work in order to become a specialized makeup artist in the field of cosmetology.

Those who choose to do hair, have a lot to learn as well. Because of the learning process and the time it takes; many who choose to go into cosmetology for hair, will stick to that field specifically. Cosmetologists can perm hair, color hair, style hair, add extensions and much more. Because so many different things can be done with hair, a hair stylist is less likely to be doing both hair, makeup, nails, skin care and more; all in one day. If you see a salon that offers all of these services, chances are; there is a different person for each service.

Electrology is also included in cosmetology; it’s the practice of removing hair from the human body. Usually, the hair that is removed is unwanted hair such as on the chin, upper lip, eyebrows and so on. With so many different areas that cosmetology covers, it is possible to learn each trade, but it’s unlikely that any, one cosmetologist will do all the trades available within a given day. Those who choose to join cosmetology, usually focus on a certain trade, practice it, learn it, and become skilled within the trade, and eventually become a professional.

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