Where can I find about the state cosmetology licensing examinations?

In order to obtain a cosmetology license there are several requirements that must be met even before the final licensing exam is taken. The individual must take the required courses from an accredited school, experience hands on training, and use study guides to prepare for the test.

Schools and Training

The best way to locate the right school is to research accredited colleges that offer exactly what courses you are trying to get the certification in. After the classes have been taken there will come a point in the education where an internship or outside real life training will take place. After all that is done the last step is to research your specific states licensing requirements and examination fees. Each part of cosmetology has some type of certification for it and the amount of time it may take to complete the courses, will vary with each specialty. A certain specialty may require 300 hours, another may require 1500 hours. Do the research to make the right requirements are being met.

Cosmetology Board and Testing

In order to locate the requirements for your specific state , you will have to look up the the cosmetology board for that specific state and look at the requirements, each state may be different. The actual cosmetology licensing exam may consist of specialty areas like; manicurist, shampoo, hair weaving, instructor, operator etc,. The exam in most cases will consist of a written section and a practical or hands on section. The hands on section will require the student to perform some type of styling, coloring, or texturizing procedure on a manican head. The key is to use a study guide and research the requirements for your state.

The exam is usually in a room with maybe a few other people and the multiple choice part of the test is given first. The next part to follow is the practical part of the exam. In some testing facilities the supplies and equipment for the practical exam are provided. In other cases the student may be asked to bring their own. Once the exam is over the results will be mailed to the recipient in the mail. After the cosmetologist is licensed he or she must renew their license regularly, and in some states it may be required to take continuing education courses. This is all required in order to keep the professional up to date and current on different aspects of the cosmetology experience.