Is there an expiration on cosmetology license?

Cosmetology is a field that includes a number of personal care services, including cutting and styling hair, manicuring nails, doing makeup and providing facials. Each state requires cosmetologists to be licensed, and those licenses expire after a certain period of time.

Becoming a cosmetologist

Though the requirements vary by state, people wanting a career in cosmetology must get a license. To do so, applicants typically have to have graduated from high school or gotten an equivalent diploma, and they must go through an approved training program, which usually is offered by a cosmetology or barber school. Once they complete the program, they are eligible to take the cosmetology licensing exam, which usually includes both a written and practical portion where they will have to demonstrate the skills they have learned. Those who pass the exam can get their cosmetology license, as long as they meet all other criteria.

When the licenses expire

In most states, cosmetology licenses are good for two years, although the dates by which they must be renewed may vary. For example, in some states, the licenses are good for two years from the date they were issued. In other states, the licenses must renewed in a certain month or by a certain date that may not be exactly two years from initial issuance. For example, a cosmetologist may have to renew his or her license initially after only one year, then every two years after that.

Continuing education

In many states, cosmetologists are required to complete continuing education before they can renew their license. The requirements vary by state. In one state, cosmetologists may only have to complete four hours while in others it may be eight. Also, some states require more education for less-experienced cosmetologists.

If a license expires

A cosmetologist who lets his or her license expire usually has a certain period of time to renew it. For example, in Texas, a cosmetologist who renews a license within 90 days of the expiration has to pay a fine of half of the normal license registration fee. Those who wait more than 90 days have to pay a fine of double the license fee. A cosmetologist who doesn’t renew within three years has to go through the entire licensing process again. Many other states have similar requirements. A cosmetologist who has let a license expire should check the website of the state licensing board for requirements.