What is the CLIC Certification Program?

While the cosmetology field is both creative and exciting, finding the right school can be overwhleming. There are many to choose from, and they all want you! Narrow your options wisely, by schools that prepare you for Certified Learning in Costmetology, or CLiC Certification.

Why You Should Persue CLiC Certification

A professional certification makes finding your first job as a cosmetologist much easier, because it conveys to hiring managers that you have an above-average level of skill, even though you are fresh out of cosmetology school. While all of your peers that you are competing against for jobs will be licensed by the state, your CLiC certification assures salon owners and managers that you perform at a higher level than someone with only a state license.

CLiC licensure will also keep you informed of what the latest and upcoming trends are in every area of cosmetology. If you are living in a fashion incubator like Tokyo or Milan, that may not seem like much of a benefit, but if you are in a small town in Mississippi, you will find every phase of the program fascinating and stimulating. Your knoweldge of the latest looks will help you build a robust clientele list quickly, no matter where your career takes you, and will have you designing the next hot looks yourself.

What CLiC-Ready Programs Will Teach You

Schools that are teaching cosmetology to the CLiC certification standard are teaching the most advanced processes in the market today. Where beauty schools teaching only state licensure requirements typically haved dated material and the viewpoint of the school’s owner, CLiC programs have materials that are constantly being updated by a host of experts in the cosmetology field. You will learn the historical evolution of cosmetic design, but quickly learn how the artistic and scientific principles apply to the most cutting-edge looks in leading fashion hot spots.

The CLiC curriculum includes a course in the people skills you will need to develop a thriving stream of clients, from interpersonal relations to suggestive selling and customer management.

How is CLiC Certification Taught?

CLiC Certification requires that each of your cosmetology instructors will start with the easiest concepts within their specialties first, and gradually work in more complex material as the students master each new skill. Whether you’re persuing certification in hair design or nail design, you will find that the CLiC-focused curriculum encourages creativity in every step of the process.