I am attending high school at the moment, can I attend beauty and cosmetology classes?

When thinking about a career in the cosmetology field, many young people are eager to start and learn the ropes even though they are still in high school. Whether you need a high school diploma or a GED (general education equivalent) largely depends on the school you want to attend, as well as the requirements of the state you live in. Remember that rules and regulations are different in each state.


The educational requirement is different for each state. For example, there are some states such as Illinois that do not require a high school diploma to start courses, but you may need to sit for additional testing in order to start attending courses if you are still in high school or have not received a GED at that point in time. In other states such as Montana, it is a requirement that a person has graduated from high school or has a GED in order to even apply to the cosmetology school. The best bet is to contact that specific cosmetology school you are interested in attending and ask their specific requirements for admission.

Another excellent choice to think about while still in high school, but wanting to start a career in esthetics, is a technical school. Many times, there is the option for students to split their school day and attend half a day of regular school and the other half at the technical school. In this way, students are able to continue working towards their high school diploma, but also start learning discovering the world of cosmetology. Thee types of schools are often called vocational schools. Keep in mind that usually in tho situation, if the student begins to do poorly in their studies, they will not be allowed to continue attending the technical school. They will need to improve their overall grades and then resume where they left off.


Another question that comes to mind is how old does the student need to be when they start cosmetology school. Many cosmetology schools require an age of at least 16-18 years old and again have a high school diploma or GED. Contacting your specific state’s cosmetology board can get all of the questions answered in advance.

With all of this in mind, arm yourself with all the information you can find and be ready to apply when the time is right.