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Cosmetologists and skin care specialists have the task of helping others look as beautiful as possible, whether it’s by styling their hair, giving manicures or performing skin care procedures. If this type of rewarding career appeals to you, continue reading and learn what being a cosmetologist in Oklahoma all entails.

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In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
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cosmetology schools image1The first requirement to become a cosmetologist in Oklahoma is to complete an accredited beauty or cosmetology school. The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering reports that there are more than 30 public and private accredited beauty or cosmetology schools in the state. There are various occupations within the field of cosmetology, including cosmetologist, barber, esthetician/facialist, cosmetician or manicurist.

Oklahoma requires that each of these professionals be licensed if they wish to work in the state. To be eligible for licensure or certification, the individuals must complete approved training programs that meet the following requirements.

  • Cosmetologist – 1,500 hours of study – 3,000 hours for apprenticeship
  • Barbering – 1,500 hours of study – 1,500 hours for apprenticeship
  • Cosmetician – 600 hours of study
  • Skin care specialist/esthetician/facialist – 600 hours of study – 1,200 hours for apprenticeship
  • Manicurist – 600 hours of study – 1,200 hours for apprenticeship

In some cases, the individual may complete an apprenticeship in lieu of a training program. In addition to completing the required hours of study, the student must be at least 16 years of age and must pass a written and practical exam in the field they’re pursuing.

Job Demand for Cosmetologists in Oklahoma

Cosmetologists in general are in great demand. One thing contributing to the excellent employment opportunities is the increase in services being offered today such as facials, manicures and mini-sessions. The desire to postpone aging and look as young as possible, by both men and women, also contributes to the job demand.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), barbers, hair dressers and cosmetologists are predicted to see an employment growth of 13% between 2012 and 2022 while skincare specialists could see a growth of up to 40% during that same decade.

Cosmetology and Beautician Salary Ranges in Oklahoma

Cosmetologists earn a wide range of salaries depending not only on the location but also on the their chosen area of specialty. The BLS reported that skincare specialists in Oklahoma earned a mean annual wage of $22,760 as of May 2013 while cosmetologists, hair dressers and hair stylists earned $22,730 that same year. Both of those earnings are substantially lower than the national averages for those positions.

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List of Top Beauty and Cosmetology Programs in Oklahoma

Below you will find some beauty and cosmetology programs and classes in Oklahoma as well as the school and its location. These programs result in certificates rather than degrees.

  • Cosmetology Certificate – 54 weeks – Caddo Kiowa Technology Center – Fort Cobb, OK
  • Cosmetology Instructor – 37 weeks – Caddo Kiowa Technology Center – Fort Cobb, OK
  • Cosmetology Program – 3 semesters – Gordon Cooper Technology Center – Seminole, OK
  • Cosmetologist Certificate – 17 months – Meridian Technology Center – Stillwater, OK
  • Cosmetology Program – 1 year/fulltime or 2 years/part-time – Mid-American Technology Center – Wayne, OK
  • Cosmetologist Program – 1,500 hours – Pioneer Technology Center – Ponca City, OK

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