Cosmetology Schools in Miami

Cosmetology Schools in Miami

Going to beauty school in Miami can be rewarding for a wide variety of students. Whether experienced in the field or just getting started, there are plenty of schools that aspiring cosmetologists can attend. In addition to a wealth of schools, there are also plenty of places to find a job after graduation. Miami is a warm city where finishing an education will be an enjoyable experience. Below is a full overview of what can be expected by attending beauty school in Miami.

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Since there are almost 20 schools available to teach cosmetology in Miami, finding a school in the city is not difficult. The Florida State Board of Cosmetology governs the requirements of that students will need to complete in order to practice in the state. For most cosmetologists, 1200 hours of training are required to get a license. In addition, 16 hours per year will be required for continuing education each year. Students will also need to complete an examination after finishing their education in order to actually get a license.

Job Demand for Cosmetologists in Miami

With millions of people living in Miami and the outlying areas, there is plenty of demand for cosmetologists in the area. Since all people need the services of a professional to look good, the demand for cosmetologists will continue to exist for hundreds of years. The same will be true Miami, where growing city populations will continue to drive career growth in cosmetology.

Cosmetology and Beautician Salary ranges in Miami

Depending on the specific specialty that a person chooses, different cosmetologists will make different amounts of money. General hairstylists in Miami make between $17,340 and $43,200 each year. Makeup artists used in theater have a widely ranging salary that varies from $17,260 to $91,010. Nail technicians in the state earn between $16,870 and $42,040. For individuals looking to specialize in skin care, they can expect to earn between $17,030 and $51,045 each year. Generally, cosmetologists that are just getting started will earn in the lower range but can expect to earn in the higher range as they progress in their career.

List of Top Beauty and Cosmetology Programs in Miami

Beauty Schools of America has a total of four campuses in the city. This could be a good choice for students pursuing a career in cosmetology that need to move around during their education. Another option is Empire Beauty School, which has campuses around the country as well as in Miami. The ACAS Academy Permanent Makeup School can teach everything from makeup for general beauty to make up for individuals seeking to enter the show business. The Boca Beauty Academy is located in Boca Raton and provides training for a wide range of cosmetology programs to get licensed in the state. The International Hair and Barber Academy is another option for prospective cosmetologists that is also able to train barbers seeking to enter the field.

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