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Barber Schools in Arizona

While few people realize it, becoming a barber requires specified training as well as a comprehensive certification exam. If an individual does not complete the required training from an accredited program and pass the established certification exam, the individual is not allowed to work as an active barber. Finding a barber school is fairly easy in Arizona, and the job outlook is relatively positive for the position.

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In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
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While today’s hair techniques and trends have changed the traditional position slightly, barbering is still a common practice. Historically, barbers were known as barber-surgeons and were responsible for handing haircuts for men as well as several basic medical treatments, such as bloodletting. Today, the name has stuck but the additional services have not. Barbers today primarily work with men’s hair and general focus on short, traditional hair styles. Barbers are often responsible for working with facial hair such as shaving and styling for men, which is a key function that makes a barber separate from a hairstylist. Some barbers may even offer facials and other male skincare treatments, depending on their educational background as well as their clientele.


Find Accredited Barber Schools in Arizona

The key to becoming a certified or licensed barber in the state of Arizona is attending an accredited school in the state. While many facilities claim their standards meet necessary accreditation requirements, barber candidates should never accept this claim outright. To find a list of accredited barber schools in the state of Arizona, visit the State of Arizona Board of Barbers and view the comprehensive list of schools.

Job Demand for Barberist in Arizona

Hair styling in general is a relatively competitive career field in which many factors are involved. Nonetheless, the job outlook for barbers in Arizona is relatively stable. Over the next ten years, the job outlook is predicted to increase by 13%, a rate that is as fast as average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the job is one that is expected to grow, it is important to note that many barbers only work part time and nearly 50% are self-employed.

Barber Salary Ranges in Arizona

The average salary figure ranges for individuals throughout the state of Arizona. Nonetheless, the average annual salary for barbers in the state of Arizona is $31,490. However, a person just entering the field is likely to make a salary closer to $18,000, while a senior stylist may make as much as $45,600.

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